Hypnosis to Help Women Get Pregnant? YES!

For more than 20 years, Lynsi Eastburn has been helping women to get pregnant using hypnosis. It is her specialty. Lynsi is the creator of HypnoFertility, the original hypnotherapy method designed specifically to help women to get and to stay pregnant. HypnoFertility supports both medically assisted and natural conception and is complementary to all fertility modalities including traditional medicine and complementary/holistic/alternative treatments.

Lynsi wrote the first edition of It’s Conceivable – Hypnosis for Fertility in 2005 (published 2006). Its purpose was to let people know that hypnosis is a powerful option for fertility treatment and support. Technology has changed significantly over the past 20+ years; as such, Lynsi published the 2nd edition of It’s Conceivable in 2017.

Get your free e-book copy of the 2nd edition of It’s Conceivable below and learn about the benefits of hypnosis to promote fertility—what it is, what it does, how it can help.

Discover the 3 Keys to Conception

* You will get the keys to unlock your fertility and how you can bring your baby into this world.

* Appreciate the essential balance of science and spirit for a peaceful pregnancy & birth. 

* Explore the benefits and purpose of energetic alignment with Divine Feminine. 

* Enjoy powerful insights and guidance from spirit babies. 


Get the keys to unlock your fertility. 

Download your free copy of the book The 3 Keys to Conception Pregnancy Against All Odds and a guided hypnosis session

by Lynsi Eastburn. 

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