Elevating Reiki Energy: Upgrade from Usui Reiki to Holy Fire® Reiki – Level 2

This workshop serves as an overview and introduction to Holy Fire Reiki – Level 2. By the end of our time together, you will have experienced a Holy Fire-specific Reiki meditation, received the Holy Fire® Reiki Level 2 Placement, and developed a stronger connection to the Holy Fire energy. You will be equipped to incorporate the transformative Holy Fire Reiki energy into your healing practice, fostering personal growth, and expanding your ability to support others on their healing journeys.

As this is a Level 2 workshop, the Holy Fire energy will uplevel your symbols as well. We will take a few minutes to send distance Holy Fire Reiki to Mother Earth together so that you can experience the amplified group energy as well.

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February 26th @ 5pm MDT

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Deep Healing

Holy Fire® Reiki promotes profound healing, addressing both physical and emotional issues.

Spiritual Growth

This dynamic system connects us to divine consciousness, fostering spiritual development.

Energetic Boost

Whether you're new or experienced, our workshop offers an energetic upgrade to your Reiki practice.

Imagine a Reiki Practice That Transforms You and Contributes to the World's Healing

Signing up for our Holy Fire® Reiki Level 2 workshop brings you one step closer to this dream.