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HypnoFertility can help you, when nothing else has…

More than just hypnosis, HypnoFertility is a multi-faceted, solution-focused process designed to tap into and reignite the inherent fertility that is a biological element of every woman. Fertility-specific hypnosis helps to clear brain fog and sharpen intuition, to ignite or fine tune instinctive awareness, and to diminish excessive levels of stress, among other things. It is a unique blend of science and spirit which helps clear the subconscious mind of any blocks, reframe destructive thought patterns in the brain, and also tends the fundamental light of a person’s heart and spirit. 

HypnoFertility is for you if:

  • You are tired of the relentless fertility struggles.
  • You feel drained and overwhelmed.
  • You need relief from high levels of stress and frustration.
  • You want to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
  • You are willing to commit to the process.
  • You sense that emotional or subconscious blocks are preventing you from conceiving. 
  • Something that should have worked, hasn’t. 
  • You’ve tried everything and still don’t have a baby.
  • You don’t want to give up but you’re losing hope.
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HypnoFertility is not for you if:

  • You are just looking for a quick fix. 
  • You can’t commit to the time it takes.
  • You are unwilling to put yourself first.
  • You don’t really want anything to change.
  • You are close minded or inflexible.
  • You’re not willing to participate fully.
  • You just don’t resonate with its benefits. 

This process cannot be forced. HypnoFertility requires a full body ‘YES, I’m in!’.

What our happy Moms are saying:

“Before I met Lynsi, I had tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to get pregnant.  Working with Lynsi, I felt hopeful for the first time in years.  She helped me bring my life and body back into balance.  It had never occurred to me to that my thoughts and beliefs could have anything to do with my ability to make a baby.  I was shocked when I got that positive pregnancy test—at 43 I had conceived naturally!”  —Melanie M.
I'm Ready

Here’s how HypnoFertility works:

  1. As an powerful antidote to stress.
  2. By communicating with the part of the mind that directly affects the body.
  3. By releasing phobias and subconscious blocks as needed.
  4. By supporting integration of necessary medications and hormones. 
  5. By alleviating doubts, negative beliefs, and destructive thought patterns.
  6. By supporting and helping to improve embryo implantation.
  7. By supporting healthy changes that promote fertility.
  8. By helping reconnect with intuition and the body’s inherent fertility. 
  9. By revitalizing the reproductive system for its optimal function.
  10. As a complement to natural conception, medical fertility treatment, and anything else you may be doing. 
  11. By addressing all aspects of mind/body/spirit balance essential to healthy fertility. 
  12. By substantially increasing chances of a “take-home” baby.

Nothing is working, why should I try HypnoFertility?

HypnoFertility is often thought of as the “missing link” because it improves the efficacy of other treatments and basically ties it all together for maximum results. In some cases, HypnoFertility is an alternative to unwanted medical treatment, but it also aids medical fertility procedures to help increase success rates.

 The HypnoFertility process is holistic, non-invasive, and promotes all aspects of mind, body, and spirit balance. It supports natural conception as well as medical fertility treatment. The 12-session program is designed to restore the body’s natural balance, which is often upset by emotional blocks, stress, and a host of modern life’s difficulties.

HypnoFertility is especially helpful for those with “unexplained” infertility—this diagnosis often indicates subconscious blocks which are not easily released without hypnosis. However, regardless of circumstances, HypnoFertility can help. 

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What our happy Moms are saying:

"Lynsi came to my rescue when I needed it most. My acupuncturist thought that I should see her because I had just suffered a stillbirth and she didn’t want the grief to get in the way of me trying to get pregnant again. Lynsi’s hypnotherapy program helped me mentally, physically and spiritually. She told me that if I wanted to get pregnant that I could, in the right time and the right way, so I held onto that belief. Soon after I found out that I was pregnant again. I am now the mom to a 23 month old daughter. I can’t say enough about how Lynsi helped my dream come true. I’m forever grateful that she was part of my fertility tribe".   -Nina

Hi, I’m Lynsi

Have you been longing for a baby but been unable to have one? Is everyone around you getting pregnant while you can’t, no matter what you do? Have you been trying to conceive for what seems like forever, but still don’t have your baby? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and are losing hope? I’m so glad you found me. The infertility journey can be long and challenging. I can help. As the founder of HypnoFertility, I am committed to helping you triumph over your fertility struggles so that you can fulfill your dreams of becoming a mother. For more than 20 years I have been helping women just like you, not only to get and to stay pregnant, but to finally bring home that healthy baby that has seemed out of reach for so long. 

It’s time to break out of the debilitating struggle you’ve been caught up in. I invite you to book a call today so that you can begin your pregnancy journey with the support you deserve. Click below to book a call and get started.

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What our happy Moms are saying: 

"Over our 9-year fertility journey, my husband and I went through endless treatments from four of the best fertility clinics in two different states. I religiously followed every recommended diet, went to acupuncture weekly, and chased every “miracle” pill, potion, or so-called “cure” known to man. I endured surgery for endometriosis and 16 painful rounds of treatment including 6 IUIs, 2 IVF retrieval cycles, and 3 IVF embryo transfers… All of them failed.

During the last few years of this insanity, I found Lynsi. Life-changing doesn’t begin to cover it. Lynsi has a very calming way about her; no matter how awful I felt at the beginning of each session with her, I always felt better afterward. Calmer, lighter, and hopeful again. Her constant reassurance of “your baby is coming in just the right time and in just the right way” was true.

Following the failure of our final frozen embryo transfer, we decided to do one final IVF retrieval cycle before calling it quits. And that’s when our miracle happened. Despite everything we’d endured, despite our age and diagnoses (PCOS, endometriosis, MTHFR gene mutations, low sperm motility/morphology), we conceived our baby naturally!

I am honored to be the Mama of my sweet girl. She was more than worth the wait. And now my little girl is thrilled to announce that she’s going to be a big sister! Our second baby, also conceived naturally, is due in early 2023. I am so thankful I found Lynsi when I did, I know working with her made all the difference." - Kari

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What our happy Moms are saying:

"After two failed IVF cycles I could only do one more. If it didn't work the third time, I felt it wasn't meant to be. I started seeing Lynsi prior to the final embryo transfer. Once I started seeing her, everything changed. I had no doubt I was going to be successful. I felt no stress or anxiety this time—especially during that crucial wait between transfer and pregnancy test results. Before I knew it, the pregnancy tests were all positive! I was finally pregnant. I had an easy pregnancy with no health issues even though I was of “advanced maternal age” as I constantly heard from reproductive health professionals. I have never felt so empowered! 

The infertility journey can be brutal. Looking back over mine, I feel deep gratitude, and a sense of understanding I never thought I would know. I wasn’t thinking along the lines of spirit babies, and I didn’t know there was an energetic aspect to getting pregnant—I just wanted to have my baby. But through this experience with Lynsi, I learned that there was more to it. That it was more than just a biological or emotional desire to have a baby that was driving me, it was truly a calling. 

I know it’s not pleasant to have to wait for what may feel like forever for the baby you want to show up, but ultimately your baby is coming in just the right time and just the right way, as Lynsi always says. And from this side of it all I can say is I completely agree. My baby showed up when I was 50—and it truly is the right time for us. Thank you so much Lynsi! I know that working with you made all the difference."  Sherrie


‘Your baby is coming to you in just the right time, and in just the right way.’


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